2022 Water Tiger
Leap Into Action

Your definitive 2022 Operating System to synchronize your personal energy and space to achieve your goals.

Everyone agrees that the last few years has been tumultuous riddled with unexpected change. In the 2022 Year of the Water Tiger the upheavals continue. The good news is there is always opportunity for those who know how to tap into the energies of the year.

In today’s turbulent climate, being an expert in your field is no longer good enough. “Winging it” isn’t even an option any longer. It’s time to dive into one of the most empowering systems the world has ever known, one that has lasted from antiquity.

Classical Feng Shui is a holistic system that incorporates person, space, time and universe. The whole is more empowering than the subset of any branch. From a vibrational perspective, the whole aligns you with your highest energy and opens gateways to empowerment, right decision-making and success.

As the globe continues to work remotely, now more than ever, the proper spatial setup crucial. Understanding annual potential or pitfalls helps you play to your strengths is key in 2022.

The 2022 roadmap to the Year of the Water Tiger includes:

  • 2022 Analysis of all 12 Animals of the zodiac
  • 2022 Feng Shui positive and challenging directions
  • 2022 Flying Star positive and challenging numbers
  • 2022 Universal Gateway™ spiritual directions for empowering yourself, your time, your space
  • 2022 Favorable Timing with TimeBlazr® Take the right action, at the right time, every time

Right Action. Right Time.

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